Activate DND to Block Unwanted Calls on Indian Networks

Popular cellular network like Airtel and Vodafone send lots of promotional SMS to keep you updated but such promotional messages starts annoying when you receive them in bulk.

A lot of people are irritated with unwanted calls and SMS from their Indian networks. This article tells you how to activate DND. The consumer has the right to register for DND(Do Not Disturb) service at will. The process for most popular Indian networks is listed here.

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Often unwanted calls about offers and new deals arrive in the form of daily calls and SMS from your network provider. These often come at the time you’re busy doing something else and really gets on to the nerve at times. A lot of customers don’t know how to activate DND Service and therefore suffer from the pain of these totally unwanted calls.

Some people do have phones with built in features to block SMS and unwanted calls from unknown numbers but that’s a small minority and its a painful process because the number from which we get these calls keep changing very often. So to activate DND is the only option that’s practical and easy enough.

It normally takes around 45 days for activation of Do Not Disturb Services. After that, if you still get such calls the caller is punishable. Here’s the quote from NDNC (National Do Not Call) about the same:

To discourage the telemarketers who make calls to the numbers registered in Do Not Call List, a provision has been made whereby Rs.500/ – shall be payable by the telemarketer to the service provider for every first unsolicited commercial communication (UCC) and Rs.1000/- shall be payable for subsequent UCC. There is a provision for disconnection of the telemarketer telephone number / telecom resource if the UCC is sent even after levy of Rs.500/- & Rs.1000/- tariff. In case of non-compliance to the Telecom Unsolicited Commercial Communications Regulations, 2007, the Service Provider is also liable to pay an amount by way of financial disincentive, not exceeding Rs.5000/- for first non-compliance of the regulation and in case of second or subsequent such non-compliance, an amount not exceeding Rs.20,000/- for each such non-compliance.

Let’s look at the method to activate DND for popular Indian networks:


To activate Airtel DND, just send text message “START DND” to 121, for both prepaid and postpaid mobiles. You can also activate Airtel DND for landlines and broadband connections by calling customer care and requesting them.


To enable Vodafone DND send text message “ACT DND” to 111, if you are a Vodafone subscriber.

Idea Mobile, Tata Indicom & Docomo, BSNL, Reliance(CDMA & GSM)

Just like you activate Airtel DND by sending the text message “START DND” you can do so for other Indian networks Idea, Tata Indicom, Docomo, BSNL and Reliance too. The SMS needs to be sent to 1909. That’s the only difference.

When you call 1909 or send an SMS to 1909 you are directly registering with NDNC(National Do Not Call) Registry.

Do not disturb services don’t just end at Telecom network providers. You can register for DND with your Bank and Insurance companies too, if you think you are receiving more calls from them than you should. To learn how to activate DND for these companies please refer to

Let us know how you enjoy the peace after getting rid of these unwanted calls.

4 thoughts on “Activate DND to Block Unwanted Calls on Indian Networks”

  1. It doesnot even take 45 days exactly.
    useful information Rajat,
    I use Airtel I hardly get one message even a week as a promotional message and I have not registered to DND either.
    Operators like Vodafone and Airtel rather give promotional calls and message less compared to the other operators.
    Reliance and Idea send lots of promotional messages each day.

  2. Yes I agree Kunal, 45 days is the maximum time limit a provider is allowed. while Airtel puts it into effect soon, Docomo and BSNL take much longer. I know that from personal experience. I have not tried Vodafone so no idea about that.

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