11 Reasons Why I love My Mac and Why You Should Too

Before I start confessing my love for the Mac, let me first admit something. Yes, I am a devoted Apple fan and take a lot of pride in it. I love a Mac because I daresay, it is a far better design and helps me perform all my tasks more efficiently.

Why I love My Mac

I switched to a Mac less than two years ago. So, that leaves me with around ten years of PC experience. Having said that, I know now my readers will give me a little extra credibility for whatever I write next.

Why I love my Mac So Much?

The Design & Form Factor

The best part about an Apple product is that the software and the hardware are both manufactured by the same people. Everyone knows how advantageous that is. Almost zero incompatibility issues with the hardware. Even when you upgrade your Operating System.

Next, I’ll speak of the form factor. This is my favorite part. The Apple devices are like a minimalist’s dream come true. Ever since the unibody Macbooks came into existence I’ve been in the awe of it. It was last year that I got my first unibody Macbook Pro(MBP).

The Design & Form Factor

Best in Class Hardware

I loved the way Apple used to classify the previous generation MacBooks as ones “designed to match standards which don’t even exist yet.” It’s true. Macbooks are not luxuries, and They are essentials. Try the MultiTouch trackpad and I swear it will blow you away. The glass trackpad remains pristine forever, and the added gestures on multitouch make it all the more classier.

The Operating System

Another favorite part of mine. I don’t hate Windows. But sorry I can’t ever love it. Bill Gates, himself once admitted in a Fortune Magazine interview as to how fanatic Steve Jobs has been about the User Interface(UI). The OS X El Captain experience is something you are missing out on in case you do not own an Apple Computer.


Let’s illustrate this further. The UI on Leopard is far more superior and intuitive than Windows. The learning curve for any normal user is faster on the former. Most of the newer UI elements on Windows have been borrowed extensively from Apple’s OS. Moreover, even my Mom can use it. That’s one hell of a UI test. Jokes apart, lets look at the framework. Why to bother a layman with the fear of spyware and malware. There is no registry on Mac and hence half the trouble reduced. Any serious tweak on the Mac will require authorisation from the user.

Gone are the days when the number of Software packages for the Mac were limited. Today, you have the best of them available to you in both worlds making the switch to Leopard all the easier.

Check out:

Mac Works Out of the Box

This is a very important factor as well. You know when you first run your PC you cannot view any of the PDF or DOCS or Quicktime Movies etc. without the need for installing extra software. And I really find that insane. I don’t need the ability to edit files right away but I beg of you, let me at least view them?

The Finder (Explorer’s equivalent on Mac) will let you preview just any file without opening it in any application. You need to look into any file at all, just press the Spacebar on your keyboard. You will have a preview of the file open up. Press the Spacebar again and it goes away. You did not have to open an application just to take a quick look at the file. For instance, you need to look at the date and sender’s name inside three PDF files on your desktop. You don’t have to Open each file. Just quickly preview each. It’s efficient. You save time as well as energy. And all of us need to.

Mac Finder
I’m previewing an M4R iPhone ringtone here without opening it in an Application

The System won’t Crash on Yo

In the past, one year on my new MBP, not once has the system crashed on me. The machine will ALWAYS be responsive. A Mac user, ordinarily, doesn’t know what is it like when the system hangs. The worst scenario I’ve had is that a browser goes unresponsive. When Firefox stops responding, I leave it as it is and fire up Safari. And Finder sucks way less than Explorer. This is Windows XP Explorer I’m talking about. The one on Windows 7 might have learned a few lessons.

Spotlight Search

All your files on the Mac will be indexed and ready for searching. Whenever you need something, just press Command + Space and type. Be it calculating 54*37 or the definition of “Histrionic” or the name of a file or the contents of a document you remember. Just type it and you’ll have results in less than a second. So no matter how cluttered your hard drive is and where you throw your files, they will always be available to you only a Spotlight Search away.

Spotlight Search

More out of the Box Love

All the basic things that you will need to do, you will have a tool available on the Mac. Like I said you will not need to install anything on the first day itself. Do You want to take a screenshot, my blogger friend? Press Command + Shift + 3. You don’t want the full screen but only a part press Command + Shift + 4. The pictures will be ready for you right on your desktop.

Multiple Desktops

You need multiple desktops. No problem. Spaces to the rescue. As you can see in this screenshot, I’ve been composing this blog post in the top left screen, browsing Apple wallpapers in the next. When I run out of ideas I can take a break and just return to watching the TV show in the third screen. Easy Right?

Multiple Desktops

Customer Support

If you have used any Apple hardware you’ll know how much you love their Support. No matter how bad your problem is, you’ll have a qualified person to speak to who’ll understand exactly what you are talking about. PC users, face it. You never had this advantage. This is the reason Apple rates highest in consumer satisfaction.  Apple emerged victorious in JD Power survey for the same.

The list of outstanding features just goes on and on. I’ll keep sharing more of  Mac love for the forthcoming posts. Let’s switch perspective now. What does PC still have then? And why their sales? I could instantly, think of the following two points.

Cons of Mac Book and Apple computer:

Cost Factor

I do agree. PCs are on an average cheaper than Apple computer. Yes, significantly cheaper. For the price of an entry-level Apple computer you can get a way advanced PC. This is one of the advantages that PCs have for themselves. Apple fans however will let a hole in their wallets. I want the best product and I will pay whatever it takes.

Options and Customizations

Again PC users have a greater advantage here. But the point is what do we really need it. The professionals apart, lets talk about the normal user. He doesn’t need many options. Why put him in the dilemma to decide if he wants/needs a Bluray or Dual Layer DVD drive. Apple gives you a lesser number of options and no sub standard configurations. You will not get a computer with 1GB of RAM from them no matter how badly you want it.

PC and MAC

All you PC lovers. I’m your culprit. Feel free to hit me as much as you like. I won’t disapprove your comment no matter how much Apple hatred you show. 😛 And the one-millionth a dollar question. Are you a PC or a MAC?

17 thoughts on “11 Reasons Why I love My Mac and Why You Should Too”

  1. I agree with you. Mac really rocks while windows sucks. However, these days I have become a hardcore Ubuntu user and I think it’s great, too. Both are unix-based, so you know they have similarities. Ya it’s true that ubuntu still has some problems with advance computing, but it seems like it is overcoming the problems. Best part of all is it’s free of cost. I believe at least OS should be free of cost.

  2. I gotta admit, I am seriously considering going to a mac. It’s just that I am an advanced PC user and it would take a long time for me to get that advanced using a mac. On the other hand, I am getting very sick of crashes.

  3. i personally like FOSS, however, you cannot expect the same quality as the closed source software yet.

  4. take my advice, use bootcamp till the time you feel you are comfy enough on the new OS. then let go of windows altogether.

  5. How about Mac being a Unix based system :). I think that is a great advantage too 🙂

    I am a windows as well as an extensive Linux user but off late am planning to get a Mac. The only thing that bothers me is.. once I get a Mac, will I have to spend money every time I want to try something on my machine. I don’t have idea how good the freeware support for Mac is and how easy/legal it is to install freewares on Mac ? Does it really bother Apple if you just twist and turn your system a lot?

  6. i think if you have money to own a mac go for it. no questions asked. i package you’ll get is worth the money. my first computer was a mac. and i really admire the ease of use. the best thing i like in mac over windows that it doesn’t hang which is a common phenomenon in windows.

  7. I’m a Linux.
    Mainly because it’s unix based just like OS X but it’s free and I can install it on every piece of hardware i’ve got.

  8. does really Mac OS never crash? I am tired of my Vista/Dell frizzing up on my once a week.

  9. People dissing windows, have not used windows 7. I moved from ubuntu to it and now dual boot with ubuntu.
    People who love macs, never speak about gaming. Because there is nothing to speak about really. Consoles will never be as much fun as pc games.
    The really limited amount of software for mac, free or paid is just ridiculously behind for a platform that is so popular with professionals.
    I would but a mac if I didn’t feel cheated on it’s capabilities when it comes to my usage pattern.

  10. Hi Rajat, great post. I am planning to buy Macbook Pro but i want to ask should i go with Mbook or MB Air? I also want to ask something more:
    1) Can i play games and Mp3 files?
    2) Can I use the following file formats: .zip, .rar, .mp4, .3gp, .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .txt?
    3) Can i install my windows softwares on mac?
    4) Can i connect my monitor, keyboard and mouse to mac?
    5) Does macbook comes with a registered installation CD of leopard etc or I have to buy it seprately?
    Thanks, will be waiting for your reply.

  11. @yousuf
    1. yes mp3 files work on all systems. you can play them in itunes or vlc. games for mac work on mac. games for ps3 works on ps3 only. so thats that

    2. yes all of them
    3. yes and no. obviously win apps wont work on mac. but u can install windows on mac through a painless process(built in app called boot camp on mac) and dual boot leopard & windows xp/7. alternatively virtual systems like parallels/vmware let u run windows inside leopard. so thats a great option too.
    4. yes. for display you will need mini dvi to vga or hdmi converter depending on ur monitor specs.
    5. yes obviously you will get disks(DVD’s) with MBP(macbook pro) and usb disks for MBA so you can reinstall the OS later

    as for macbook pro & air i’ll do a detailed comparison soon in a new post. but in brief, macbook air will give you more portability, less power for same price. and also no optical drive which u might already have noticed. so depending on what kind of user you are you should choose the model. i use a 13″ mbp and so does Harsh.

  12. Thanks for helping. As you said about windows, will macbook also not hang if i am running windows?

  13. Are you forgetting about STEAM for OSX? There are over 200 games for mac right now and I’m able to play TF2, CSS, L4D2, etc etc. Your argument is invalid, good sir.

  14. After more than three years of MAC experience, I’m definitely a MAC. You’re right, the multitouch trackpad did blow me away the first time I used MBP. Now, I am using a MacBook Air. I have never experienced any problems with MBP, but unfortunately, it got destroyed because of my stupidity. We still have a PC at home, but I rarely used it. I feel bad for it sometimes. 🙁 I do everything on my MAC. I always praise Apple products on my blog as well. As my boss would say, I am an “Apple girl”. And I am proud to be one. 🙂

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