7 Useful PC Gaming Forums For Video Game Lovers

I’m not a hard core gamer but there are few games which I always play. One of them is Counter strike and Age of empire. There are many official PC gaming forums for above two game but I also like to know about new games and what games are popular and most talked. So, I thought lets make a list of some popular gaming forums for gaming lovers like you and me to find new games.

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This list is not in any particular order and I made a list of those forums which are currently active. In case, if one of these PC gaming forums is not so active or you are using any new forum, which is active let us know via comments. Such forums are very useful to share your gaming experiences and get some tips and tricks to play games.

My Collection of PC gaming forums:

There are hundreds or may be thousands of such forums exist. Some are specialized forum created by any Good lover and some of them covers all the game.

  • Playfire Forum ( PageRank 5)

Playfire Forum

It is a very useful place for gamers to get any type of help on video games. You can connect with gamers from worldwide.

Forum Link

  • Gamespot Forum ( PageRank 9)

Gamespot Forum

Gamespot website has integrated gaming forum and it is a quite unique help center for various type of gaming platforms.

Forum Link

  • Gamesforum Forum (PageRank 3)

Gamesforum Forum

It is a gaming mania for all type of gamers and every serious gamer will like to join it.

Forum Link

  • Gamehourz Forum ( PageRank 4)


It is a big crowded assembly of global gamers and you will definitely get benefited with this forum if you need any type of help on video games.

Forum Link

  • Egameaddiction Forum ( PageRank 3)


A heavy gaming forum and it is growing rapidly. You can meet a lot of crazy gamers on this forum.

Forum Link

  • Gameslapper Forum ( PageRank 3)


A good forum for getting help on mainly PC games.

Forum Link

  • Gameon Forum (PageRank 3)


It is nice gaming forum and every gamer should give it a try.

Forum Link

Now do let me know about any other valuable gaming forum so that I can review and add it to this forum list.