6 More Simple Ways to Save iPhone Battery

With the Apple iPhone 4 releasing in India via Airtel and Aircel, and the superb offers which it comes with, more Indian consumers are surely going to lap up this beautiful phone. So with more and more people starting to use the iPhone in general, we seriously need to look into boosting the iPhone’s battery life. Here are a few useful tips, some old a couple of new ones which are sure to boost your iPhone’s battery life.

  1. Stop Installing all those Magical Cydia Apps.
    There is no doubt that you can make your iPhone do crazy things such as run screensavers, make room for widgets on your lock screen, make all the icons bounce on your home screen and more thanks to Cydia. Doing all that will obviously effect your battery life and also in rare cases crash your iPhone. Use only those Cydia Apps that you think are really useful for you.
  2. Turn off location services.
    A lot of apps tap the iPhone’s GPS when they don’t really need to. Go to Settings>Location Services, and disable the feature for the apps that don’t really need the location check.
  3. Turn off notifications.
    Simultaneously, in the Settings >Notifications – turn off all unnecessary sounds, alerts, home screen badges. The apps that actually use these features are the same ones that monitor your phone – thus cutting your battery life.
  4. Terminate background apps manually.
    Apple says background apps aren’t technically “running” unless they’re front and center, meaning they shouldn’t be drawing any power.¬†Though its said that manually shutting down background apps gives you extended bat-life, its pretty annoying shutting down these apps time and again, so don’t overdo it.
  5. Keep it out of your pocket.
    The hotter your iPhone gets, the faster your battery will die. And sliding your phone into your pocket does just that – body heat, you know. Clip your phone to your belt, in a nice vented pouch. It’ll work wonders for your iPhone.
  6. Turn off Ping.
    Ping is a huge drain on the battery, and not many people use it. So if you aren’t using it, why let it suck out your battery?

These few simple steps can lead to a Happy and content iPhone and user.

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  1. Hm..didn’t know that location services and notifications of apps would drain the battery life? Nevertheless, better safe than sorry. I’ve just turned off most games/apps’ notifications+location services that I don’t use frequently

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