6 Google Search Alternatives That Give Google A Run For Its Money

Google is the world’s best search engine and It has been reigning as the top search engine for just about any search term or types of searches irrespective of how well its competitors such as Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com and many others might be doing. It hasn’t been dethroned by its competitors yet and it doesn’t seem likely to happen anytime soon.

6 Google Search Alternatives

We have compiled a list of top six Google search alternatives which are catching up as useful resources for specific searches and will help you find exactly that you are looking for. They even provide better and more accurate search results compared to Google and will most certainly help you find what you need.


I’m sure many of you might not have considered Twitter as a search engine. Well let me tell you, its an excellent search engine and is the best way to find out what people are saying right now. Head over to Twitter and start searching for the latest tweets and the information you are looking for might be circulating in the some of the status updates of millions of Twitter users.



If you are unemployed and looking for work immediately then you need to head over to the Indeed. Indeed is an excellent search engine and unlike Google which is filled with spammy websites when you are seriously searching for work online Indeed will give you accurate results related to you query.

You will be surprised with the amount of jobs available when you are looking for it. Visit Indeed.co.in for India specific search results while US based viewers can still use Indeed.com which serves as a base for job queries from across the globe.



Blekko is the latest search engine to hit the search market and it searches the web using slashtags. Slashtags only search the sites you want and cut out the rest of the spam. Learn more on how to use slashtags to find whatever you are looking for!


Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go does a few things which Google doesn’t do. It bans all the spammy websites full of advertisements and most importantly it doesn’t track your web search history when you are using its search engine. Google on the other hand tracks every single word you type and search and every single click you make. The search results it produces are quite good and helpful.

Duck Duck Go Search Engine


Yippy is not just an alternative to Google search but a ‘meta search engine’, meaning it will get the search results for your keywords from several search services. It will not track you similar to Duck Duck Go. Your web search history will remain private.

Yippy Search Engine


Qwiki is a web Startup and brings a whole new approach to searching on the web. Qwiki differs from other search engines in that it displays the search results in a neat multimedia presentation unlike multiple links to webpages.

Qwiki Search Engine

Do you use any alternative search engine to Google search? Which in your opinion the best search engine and why? If you have come across any search engine similar to the 6 listed here give us a tip.

Write to us and let us know and we’ll feature it in a post.

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