5 Working Tips to Save iPhone Battery Power

Problem with any portable electronic gadgets like Laptops and mobiles are battery life. Specially when you are travelling, first thing which you would like to increase your gadget’s battery power as much as possible. Here I’m sharing few tips which will help you to save your iPhone battery life:

Flight mode:

One of the first reason your iPhone battery dies fast is when it constantly search for network. If you are at a remote area (weak network) or travelling via flight, you might like to enable flight mode. This will make sure your phone will stop searching for network and will save your battery. Though your iPhone will be out of reach so disable flight mode when you get out of that area.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G:

Like I added in the above point, when you search for network constantly it drains the battery quickly and same holds true for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G. Make sure you have these services enabled only when you need them.

iPhone Auto Brightness:

Auto brightness is setting in iPhone which adjusts screen brightness on the basis of environment light. I suggest you to instead of Auto use manual settings to set your brightness. Keep it low as more brightness means more power usage.

Keyboard Sounds:

Try to minimize the usage of sounds which you don’t need. Like Keyboard click sound is one of them.  Disable it until unless you really need it.

Manually check Email:

If you are using Email service on your iPhone. Make sure it is set to manual check instead of auto check. This helps a lot to save your iPhone battery power.

These are few tips which work for me and I’m sure it would work for you too. If you know more tips which will help to save iPhone battery power, do share it via comment.