5 Websites to Detect Invisible Yahoo Users

If you feel that your online friends are hiding from you or too busy to stay online on Yahoo messenger then there are few tools which can detect invisible yahoo friends when they are online on Yahoo messenger but have their status as offline. All the tools listed here are free and quick to use.

detect invisible yahoo

Useful Online tools to detect invisible yahoo Friends


It’s very easy and quick to find who is online on Yahoo messenger. You just need to enter the Yahoo ID of your friend and press enter, instantly you will get the results that the user is online or not.

invisible ir

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Detect Invisible

This web app is similar to invisible.ir. It also gives you quick access to find out the status of yahoo messenger users. It also saves your buddy list whose status you checked recently.

detect invisible

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4invisible is also a web based tool, you can check your Yahoo messenger friends easily just by typing Yahoo ID. It also provides other information like profile details, avatar etc.


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Invisible Scanner

Invisible scanner do same task as the above web app. No need to register or sign in with your yahoo ID You can easily detect invisible yahoo friends by entering their Yahoo ID. Unlike DetectInvisible, it does not save your search history.

invisible scanner

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MySpytool is bit different from above Invisible yahoo users detector tool. You need to sign up on MySpytool but it is very easy to sign up and you don’t need to go ahead any confirmation process. It also shows you the status of Yahoo user just by entering the Yahoo ID.


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Do let us know which website do you use to detect invisible yahoo users. How do you handle those people who intentionally stay invisible on Yahoo messenger.