5 Ways to Make Free International Calls

If you are addicted to technology and internet, I am sure you would be having more friends and clients online then offline and they would be around the entire world. Sometimes chatting or PC to PC calls are not enough, you need to call them on their landline or mobile phones which are costly for sure.

Here I am going to share few websites and apps which will allow you to make free international calls that too for free. Here are 5 such websites which allows you to talk to your friends even if they are far from you and save your lots of money.

Eva Phone:

EvaPhone is one of the popular services to make free international phone calls. You can call to almost all the countries worldwide. You just need to use your computer to start making VoIP calls to phone. Before connecting to call you will get a small promo video. There are chances that you may exceed the free call limit that time you can register to EvaPhone.


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Jaxtr works on your own phone without revealing your mobile number. To use Jaxtr, you need to sign up to Jaxtr by entering your mobile/ landline number after which you will receive a local Jaxtr number. Now you need to call Jaxtr and dial the destination number. You will need to listen to prompt before the calls get connected.


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iCall is a software which allows you to make international calls for free as well as at very low rates. You can make free PC-to-Phone calls as well as PC-to-PC calls. You can also make free calls from your iPad or iPod Touch. There are features like customizable voicemail, incoming numbers, call forwarding, caller ID and many more.


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AdPhone is an application which you will need to download to make a call internationally. After making a call you will have to register yourself which is free. And now you can start making calls anywhere. You will get 30 minutes free calling everyday in the list provided by AdPhone. You can check on its website.


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FreePhone2Phone service allows you to make calls around the world with free of cost. You don’t require any registration process. You will get a guest code and after entering it just make a call, before calls get connected you will hear a 10-12 second ad and you can enjoy your free call after that till 5 minutes, later you can call again whenever you want.


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Check out the free calling service and enjoy with your friends. If you are using any such free calling service then do share with us.

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  2. FreePhone2Phone is cool according to me,and another cooler website is evaphone both are simpler and really free best for international calls.

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