5 User-Friendly Tools for Creating Photo Collage

Love to be creative with your photos then you would surely want to try photo collage tools. There are many collage tools and software available which helps to make a beautiful photo collage but few of them gets hang while using or not user friendly. I have selected few easy and user-friendly tools which will help you to create your collage quickly. Few of them are online tools and few are software, so that you can choose according to your requirements.

Here are 5 user-friendly photo collage making tools:


Photomix helps you to create collage, scrapbook layouts and even calendars quickly. It provides you different templates and graphics to make collage or scrapbook quickly and easily. The Trial version doesn’t have print option but if you will go for paid PhotoMix software you will get print and many more features.


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Shape collage:

This tool is interesting, fun, quick and easy. The best part about Shape Collage is that you can create collage online as well as download the software. You can select any shape in which you want to create collage like Square, circle, heart etc. Shape collage has lots of advanced feature to make your collage attractive.

shape collage

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Photovisi is another online tool which helps you to create collage from your Flickr account or computer. Beautiful frames, templates and ecards are available to make your collage attractive. It gives you options like cropping, changing background, edit size etc and you can also share with your friends via emails. It is a user-friendly online collage tool.


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EM free photo collage:

As the name says, it is free software which is one of the easiest ways to create collage. It have different template you just need to drag and drop your pictures and then quickly create your own attractive collage. Apart from this you can edit your pictures and also share them with friends on Flickr, MySpace, Facebook etc.


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If you want a neat and clean collage without borders then go for AutoCollage. It beautifully merges the pictures and make it easy to collage by just selecting the folder of your pictures and AutoCollage will create an awesome collage for you. You can print and share the collage with your friends.


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Beautiful picture collage is always good to share and make an awesome gift. So, try it out these tools and make your friends happy.

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