5 Useful Extensions for Google chrome

Google chrome is gaining popularity because of its sleek design and clean interface and if you do use Google chrome here are 5 nice extensions that will enable you to get the most of your browser.

Google chrome
Google chrome



Well, do you like a 3D interface, I do. It is currently the coolest thing in technology and Cooliris is an extension which gives you the power to view your images in a 3D interface.

Download Cooliris here

Also check out:

Turn off the Lights

This is an extension which enhances your video viewing experiences.It darkens out the background so that you can watch your video without any disturbance.

Turn off the Lights
Turn off the Lights

Here are all the features which this extension offers :

  • Icon to appear in the URL bar
  • Turn the lights back on, by clicking on it
  • Support multiple video sites: YouTube, HTML5 video,etc.
  • Support multiple image sites: Google Images Search, Picasa,etc.
  • Option to make the screen dark if the user click on the play button
  • Option turn on/off fade in and fade out effect
  • Custom colors
  • Option Flash Detection
  • Option Show Dimness Level Bar

Download here

Webpage Screenshot

As the name suggests, this plugin enables you to take a picture/screenshot of your webpage with just a click.

Webpage Screenshot
Webpage Screenshot

Here are all the features which this extension offers:

  • Drawing Tools: Line, Ellipse, Rectangle, Arrow
  • Add Text.
  • Fast Crop
  • Start Edit before image ready.
  • Upload and share: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, MySpace
  • Print: Send directly to printer
  • Save to HD: The only extension that let you save large images to your HD, (not 2MB limit)
  • Color Picker: Remember the last color you used.

Download here

Download master

Download Master
Download Master

Developed by Nick Zorin,  Download Master simplifies the downloading process.This plugin facilitates downloading with just a couple of clicks. But the only drawback is that you need to have the download manager application before you can install the extension.

Download here


This extension lets you customize your facebook profile and lets you enhance social networking like never before.


Here are some features that Social Plus adds to Facebook :

  • Album Slideshow
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • New Notification
  • Color statuts
  • Emoticons
  • I don’t like button
  • Skin your profile
  • videoChat
  • skin Creator

Download Social Plus here

These were the best extensions that I could find for Google chrome. Personally, I like Social plus and I am pretty impressed by the flexibility that it ads to our Social networking experience.

Do share you favorite extension with us and why is it so?

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