5 Useful Apps for Java Mobile Phones

We have shared with you lots of apps for Android phones, iPhone, BlackBerry and iPad because there are majority of geeks who prefer to use these smartphones but there are people who use Java mobile phones and thus I thought of sharing useful Java application which are worth installing.

Opera browser:

If you are looking for web browser app for your java mobile then Opera browser is one which can give you full web browsing experience. The installation is quick and easy, the navigation is good and it can be easily synced with desktop Opera. Opera is considered as the most recommended web browser for mobile phones.


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Google Maps:

Google maps is another important app for your mobile which is free to download. You can use it the same way as you use Google maps on your system. It gives you directions, distance, roads, pinpoint locations etc. So if you love to travel around places then Google maps is must for your mobile.

Google maps

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One of my favorite apps for mobile. You can enjoy Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, news, feeds and lots more. The layout is good, features are awesome and you can also play movies and YouTube with Snaptu so total fun too apart from work. The navigation is easy and user-friendly.


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If you love music and videos then Majimobile will play songs from your playlist in your mobile phone. It can create, edit and manage the playlist and you can play the playlist whenever you want. It also helps you to download lyrics and album covers. It is available for free as well as premium you can select according to your requirement.


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Cryptic Wallet:

Cryptic Wallet is a password manager app for your mobile phones. You can use it for 30 days trial and then if you like it you can renew the app. The best part about this app is that when you save all your important passwords like bank access code, credit card number, pin number etc, the data gets encrypted and even if your phone get stolen no one can decrypt that data.


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If you are using Java mobile phone and use any useful app then do share with us.

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