5 Useful Android Applications for Bloggers

The main problem with bloggers is to keep themselves updated even if they are away from their computer system. Thus we have shared with you few gadgets for bloggers and smartphone with internet connection becomes the necessity out of those gadgets to keep your updated on go. If you own an iPhone then you must check out blogging apps for iPhone and Nokia Blogging Apps but if you are using Android phones then here are few applications which you consider installing so that you can manage your blogs even when you are out.

Here are 5 blogging applications for Android:


WordPress is a free application for Android which will allow you to edit post, add images, publish it and even easy to manage comments too. With latest version you can easily add pages and media to your post to make it more useful and you will receive comment notifications feature too. It’s a user-friendly application.


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More Useful Android Apps:


Images always enhances our blog post and what would be better than Photoshop? Photoshop app will provide you all the features which can edit your image and you can add them in your blog post. You can easily crop, rotate, color correct, add different texture and effects to your images and upload it online.


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Blogaway is useful for users who use Blogger. It provides you features like multiple account support, tags and labels, interlinks, managing drafts. You can even add images from Picasa and videos from YouTube. The new beta version is providing you WordPress facility too. If you are Blogger user, it’s worth trying out.


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Evernote is must for all the bloggers, on your laptop or mobile phone. We get ideas anywhere and thus it’s important that as soon as any idea clicks we can note down and what would be better than Evernote? Evernote gives us options to save text, snaps, voice memos and more.


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Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is awesome application for those who want to keep track of their Google Analytics data. You can check out the summary of your blog. It provides you features like Date range comparison, custom reports, reports via geolocation, regex enabled searches and many more.

google analytics

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If you are using any blogging app for Android do share with us.

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