5 User-friendly Translation Applications for Windows

There are many translation software for Windows and we have reviewed many translators. In this article we have collected 5  working and worthy to download software which can translate text from different languages into languages you want.You can try online or offline Demos for these software.

  • Babylon


Babylon is the most popular multi-language translation software and it is used worldwide to translate different languages. Translation with Babylon is quite easy and you have to press Ctrl and right mouse click to translate any word. Besides you can also import text or text document to translate. Babylon can auto detect languages to translate.( Babylon can also translate in Hindi.)

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Worth Reading:

  • Power Translator


Power Translator is really a powerful Multi-language translator for several languages. You can translate any text by just hovering the mouse over text. Besides you can translate emails,chats and websites with this awesome translation application.

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  • IdiomaX


IdiomaX is a wonderful translator and seamlessly used for business activities such as sending email in different languages. IdiomaX is a bundle of five powerful translation applications including IdiomaX Translator,IdiomaX Office Translator,IdiomaX Web Translator,IdiomaX Translation Assistant,IdiomaX E-Mail Translator.

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  • Systran


It is another multi language translator. You can translate text from word,Internet browsers such as Firefox,emails and chats. Integration with browsers and Word is its great feature.

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  • Lingvosoft


Lingvosoft is an easy to use and user friendly translator software. But this translation software does not have Multi-language support and you have to buy separate translators for separate languages. Overall it is a very good translator which supports speech translation,copied text translation and mouse selected text translation.

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Feel free to share your favorite language translation software in comments.