5 Tips to Consider While Purchasing a Mobile Phone

With the invention of new technologies, everybody wants to use and experience these technologies. Mobile Phones are one of the fastest growing  market these days . Here I am sharing some helpful  tips that you must take care while purchasing a mobile:

Choose Mobile Phone
Choose Mobile Phone

Configuration Matters the Most

First and foremost thing is mobile’s configuration. Configuration is what matter over the style. Ofcourse features are only aspect which will lead your relationship with your phone, otherwise you will surely get bored of same phone within a few months. Keep this in mind that what functions does it support, can you run those application or software that you want on it? Its always a good practice to make the list of features which you want on your phone and then go for it.

Price /Budget

The second thing is your budget/price of phone  I consider it as second because first priority is the features and they are comparable to the price. If you are going to a mobile shop without fixing a budget in mind is like going to give an exam without preparation. You must decide a affordable price in mind.

Sensitivity and size

The next most important factor is sensitivity, which is applicable for Touchscreen Phones. If the touchscreen sensitivity is good than it is worth buying it otherwise leave it and buy a simple phone.

Check how quickly it response to your touches and do check how to switch off the screen when not using it because many times people accidentally do things on their touchscreen  just because they forgot to switch It off so just check out the screen switch off mechanism. With the sensitivity being a part, size also matter a lot, usually touchscreen have a bigger size as compare to the others phones else you will find it difficult to run your finger on it .


You should always care for the phone’s memory size how much internal and external memory it supports. Internal Memory of the phone matters a lot because it will effect your phone’s multi-tasking features and Internet speed.


Battery life of the phone is most important point while purchasing a Phone, Always look for a phone which must have long battery backup and helps you in enjoying your phone for long.

I am sure these tips will make your decision easy. Do share your views with us.

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