5 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

With so many ecommerce portals opening up in India, this question crops up in the mind of every customer – Is Online Shopping Safe? We are absolutely pro online shopping. We listed the advantages when we shared the Guide to Buy Cellphones Online. Today we are giving you five tips for safe online shopping.


Always Check the URL Closely

A lot of people fall prey to phishing. Phishing is a method used by hackers to trick you into giving away secure information or credit card details. www.ebay.com is not the same as www.ebay.mynet.com This is where most credit card frauds make money. The latter example is not at all related to ebay. In fact ebay is subdomain on mynet.com. So make sure you double check URL to know if its the real provider you are interacting with.

Use of HTTPS

Whenever you share personal information like credit card details, shipping addresses etc. make sure that the URL begins with HTTPS and not HTTP. How does this help? HTTPS is the secure form of HTTP protocol. So all your personal data is encrypted and then sent so that no one else can intercept it. Its a must for any portal that promises safe online shopping for its customers. Usually a padlock sign will appear in your browser when accessing a secure website.

Use of Virtual Credit Cards

A lot of Indian Banks are nowadays providing the virtual credit card service. Kotak Bank and HDFC Bank are the ones I know of. The advantage of Virtual Credit Cards is that they can be used only once and expire in 24 hours. You can set a limit ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 50000 usually and the amount not used will be refunded in a day or two, back to your bank account.

Beware of Duplicate Transactions

In a rare scenario that your transaction gets stuck don’t panic and repeat the transaction by reloading the page or clicking on Pay button again. Keep your calm and wait for a few minutes. If the money has not been debited the merchant will advise you to transact again via SMS or email. In case an alert from Bank tells you money has already been debited take a note of transaction ID and quote it to the merchant to sort out the issue. Most merchants are very co-operative with this.

Always Keep Records

Make sure you print or save a soft copy of every transaction receipt, be it bill payments or shopping online. Keeping a copy of receipt will put you in a good standing whenever there has been a confusion about payments.

Follow these tips for safe online shopping this holiday season. We keep sharing great online deals too, as they come up. Keep Subscribed to us for more.

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