5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Camera

When you want to buy a camera it is important that you must know the basic things which you must look in camera before purchasing. No matter why you want to purchase camera either for personal or professional use but you must be clear that what kind of photography you would be doing? Which features you want in your camera?


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To know which camera is suited for your requirements, you need to be familiar with few important features of camera like:


Megapixel represent the maximum resolution at which camera takes photos in million of pixels. Each pixel contains a series of numbers to describe its color or intensity which is helpful to give more detailed picture.


There are two kind of zoom one is Digital zoom and other is optical zoom. Digital zoom simply increase the pixel to make picture big while Optical Zoom uses the physical lenses inside the camera to enlarge the scene of picture. The larger the lens (2x, 3x, 4x) the more flexibility you will get.


ISO represents the sensitivity of image sensor to light. A low ISO number like 100 or lower are good for lighting conditions and a higher ISO range is good for photography in darker conditions. You also get “noisier” results from shooting in higher ISO range. So it is better to choose the camera with an adjust option of ISO.

Shooting and Sense mode:

It is always better to choose camera according to the shot you want to take. Scene and shooting modes helps you to make adjustments while taking shots like night, portrait, landscape etc. If you want to take close up shot then it is better to have a Macro Mode and if you want to take many shots continuously without having to press the shutter button again and again then go for Burst Mode. There are cameras which provide you different modes with just a press of single click, better to go for such cameras.


Autofocus is very useful feature of digital camera for new users which helps you to get good images even you are not aware of adjustments. Autofocus will identify the item or person and make adjustment to get good images. There are few cameras which allow multi-point focus which identify different points to focus and you can choose from that which you want to focus upon.

These are the basic features which you must consider before buying digital camera. There are few more features like blur, red eye reduction, white balance etc. which you can choose according to your needs.

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  1. it is good to read this kind of a basic informations about camera. most of the people those who r beginners they do not have these common knowledge about camera n ultimately they purchase wrong camera.

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