5 Online Tools to Check Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

Twitter is best way to keep in touch with information and blogger. Everyone wants lots of followers on Twitter, it seems to be a kind of status symbol online. Sometimes you do have lots of followers on Twitter but suddenly they start decreasing. There might be many reasons like spamming, useless tweets, too much of personal tweets etc.

If you want to know who has unfollowed you on Twitter then here are few tools which are free and quick way to find out who has unfollowed you.


Tweeteffect don’t require any auth login or registration, it’s too quick to find the number or Twitter user unfollowed us. It also gives you the final update that how many followers you lost and how many you have gained. Apart from your account, you can also check other’s account details also. So if you want to spy on someone, do try this out


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For accessing GoodByeBuddy, you need to sign in with your Twitter account. It provides you the graph of your account details like followers, friends etc and also provide you the list of Twitter users unfollowed you. It also gives information when you checked the stats of your Twitter account.


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Quitter is bit different than other tools, it will provide you an email which you give you number of Tweeps unfollowed you and give the names of those Twitter users. You will receive daily email for the list of unfollowers and for this you just need to enter your Twitter ID and email ID and you are done.


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Lost a follower:

Lost a follower tool is same like Quitter, it will send you an email whenever you will lose any follower with Twitter user name and your last tweet before they unfollowed you. This feature will be helpful for you when you want to analysis why people are unfollowing you.

Lost a follower

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Who unfollowed me:

This tool will provide you the list of the unfollowers in every 15 minutes. You don’t need to wait for emails or direct message. You even get an opportunity to call out when someone unfollowed you.


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Do you keep track of followers who quit? If yes then do try out these tools and if you are aware of more than do share with us.

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