5 Highly Recommended Windows Live Writer Plugins For Bloggers

Windows Live Writer is the favorite tool for most of professional bloggers due to its smart functionality in offline blogging. Literally Live Writer is a complete solution for article writing and formatting it offline. Here we are telling about 5 Live Writer plugin make it more functional and usable for blogging.

  • xPolinate Cross Post

With this plugin we can cross post our written article on many other websites automatically. This plugin is very significant to make your blog articles viral all over the web via social bookmarking. Besides you can also cross post your article at different pages of your blog.

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  • Website Capture

This plugin can capture a webpage from Internet Explorer and then loads it in your article in Live Writer. So it is a very good solution for full web page capture.

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  • Code Snippet plugin

It is a very useful plugin to format a code snippet in blog post. If we insert a code segment in blog post without formatting, it will not look good and some time it may break the code of website template. Code snippet plugin format the code and place it in a box which looks user friendly.

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  • Insert From Live Image Search

If you need an image for your post and you want to pick it from Google image search then you do not need to leave your article editing because you can search and insert image direct from Live Writer. This plugin makes it possible.

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  • Import and Export Wizard

I think it is a must use plugin for Live Writer to make backup of Live Writer settings. With this plugin we can build a backup of settings of all Live Writer blogs and import this backup any time.

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Do let us know which Live writer plugin you use all the time and which plugin you recommend to others? Also read: How to configure Windows live writer for WordPress blog.

3 thoughts on “5 Highly Recommended Windows Live Writer Plugins For Bloggers”

  1. Hm..xPolinate Cross Post looks like a nice plug-in. At the moment if I want to link to my existing post on Windows Live Writer, I normally use a site:cravingtech.com “post title” search to quickly get my link 😛

    This might help making it easier. I’ll have a look later, thanks for sharing it

  2. Lehenryjr, On Socialgeeks.net, they have mentioned that article is from CallingAllGeeks.org. Hope it will clear your confusion 🙂

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