5 Free Websites to Share Huge Files Online

Uploading and sharing files online is bit cumbersome. There are many services though but few are not reliable, few are paid services and few are not reliable to share important files. And it’s irritating to search for free service which can share files quickly when we want. Thus I have complied list of 5 such free online services which you can use to share file across web.

5 free and quick online services to share files online:


DropSend is good way to share your files online. You do need signup for sharing and online storage of  files on DropSend but it’s an easy and quick process. You can go for free as well as paid service according to your requirements. With free service you can upload up to 2 GB of data and share 5 file per month, if you want to share more you can go ahead with paid service.


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Badongo gives you option for sharing file with signup as well as without signup, of course the services will be different for both but the good point is when you are in hurry and want to share file without registration or login then you can use Badongo. There is free as well as paid service available. In free service you will get 12GB upload and 1 file sharing every day.


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Just like other online file sharing services, GigaSize also offers paid and free services. If you register for free service you will can upload 300MB/file. When you upload the file you will get a URL of the uploaded file which you can share with your friends via social networking websites, forums or email.


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File.ai is another quick online service to share your files. You just need to drag and drop the file in a Folder added on File.ai and you will get a transfer ID and link which you can use to share file with others on email and IMs.


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Share Send:

ShareSend also provide you the URL of the uploaded file which you can share with others. But the good part is that you don’t have to login or register to ShareSend to share your files. It also gives you the option to tweet your link. You just need to enter your Twitter credentials and tweet. You can share up to 100 MB/file.


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These are few online file transfer services which share your files quickly and easily with your friends. If you are using any such services which share files with good speed and easy to use then do share with us and our readers.

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