5 Free To-Do-Lists Apps for Mac

Geeks are said to be always productive because they are tend to use productivity apps and tools to stay organized but then also few of them mess up with work a lot because they don’t have habit to note down their to-do-lists.If you don’t like to use pen-papper to make your work list then do try out to-do-lists apps for Mac. These all are free and user-friendly apps, worth bookmarking:

Simple Task:

SimpleTask is one of my favorite may be because of its interface. I liked the colorful interface of SimpleTask. SimpleTask also keep on remembering your task by notification on your dock, it also helps you to filter your tasks that too with different colors.


[ Downlaod Link ]

Also Check Out:


Backboard is not only a to-do list but it also helps you to remember your tasks. It’s even very easy to search and manage your tasks and reminders on Backboard. You can arrange your task according to priorities and by their types.

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Taskmate is a simple tool which helps you to create your to-do-list. One feature which I liked about Taskmate is that it helps me to export my to-do list with simple click. It also provides you customization options like deleting all task together, arranging the task up or down.

Taskmate.jpg[ Download Link ]


Again a cool To-do-list which allows you to synchronize your tasks in iCal and Mac.It is an easy to customize and a light weight software.

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EtreTask provides you basic features of to-do-list software but one thing which I found useful is that it allows you to add URL and files in your to-do-list. If you want a basic to-do-list manager then go for EtreTask.

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Do you prefer to use to-do-list softwares? If yes then do share your favorite one.