5 Free Sharing Apps for iPhone Users

iPhone is very useful especially for professionals who can keep track of work on go. iPhone apps provides you ease to maintain fianance, check emails, read feeds and more. There are few apps which many of the iPhone users ignore but they are very useful when it comes to share important files, documents via your iPhone.

Here are 5 free iPhone apps which will make sharing files easy on iPhone.


This is one of my favorite app to share files via iPhone.  DropBox allows you to share and share files via email or any other app. You can also check out pictures, videos, presentations and export files to other iPhone apps. You can also save the videos and images clicked via your iPhone to DropBox.


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This is an interesting way to share your music files, messages to your friends. When you want to share messages you just need to bump two phones together. You can also message to your friends who are away by adding them as a friend and sending message.


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Box.net allows you to view and share files and folders easily with anyone. It supports word, Excel, PDF, images and Box web docs. It provides you option to save files on iPhone and iPad while you are offline and you can also add/reply to comments on files and folders.


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Files Lite:

Files Lite helps you to store and share files via email and PC easily. It supports file formats like Microsoft documents, PDF, RTf, HTML, Apple iWork and text documents, images, videos, audios etc. But you would be requiring a Wi-fi connection to share files and documents.

Files Lite.jpg

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Briefcase lite:


It helps you to connect and browse to Mac and other network. You can share file with other briefcase iPhone users and upload files and transfer files to Mac and view remote files too.

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