5 Free Online Watermarking Tools

Images always enhances your articles and thus it is always recommended that you should use relevant images in your posts, it can be a image from stock photograph , image taken from your camera or any creative image you made. But sometimes it happens that other bloggers use your article images thus it is always better to watermark your blog images.

Here are few online tools which you can use to watermark your blog images. As these are online tools you don’t have to worry about downloading, installing them. You can use them from anywhere and anytime.


Watermark.ws is one of my favorite it allows you to add text and image watermarking, image compression, you can upload many images together and it supports jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tif and tiff. Pro account is also available in Watermark.ws thus you can opt either free or pro account according to your needs. In free account you can upload images having size less than 500 kb.

watermark ws

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If you write eBooks then this web app will be useful for you. Watermark-images help you to watermark your images in batch as well as PDF files. You can easily customize the fonts, colors of watermarks. Watermark-images is very easy to use and loaded with many other features like watermarking images, batch watermarking and conversion of image formats.


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Pickmarkr allows you to upload image from your computer as well as flickr. You can use customization features of watermarking images like text watermarking, image watermarking and titled watermarking. Like other web app for watermarking images it also allows batch watermarking and gives you options to edit your images.


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This is bit different from other watermarking tools. You can use it as a free online version or you can download the Batch Watermarker. With free version you will able to add watermark to one image at a time and save each image individually instead getting a zip format of all the watermark images togeter like in other watermarking tools. It also don’t provide preview watermark images with free version thus to get all these features you will need to download Batch watermarker.


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Picghost also gives you options like Picmarkr to watermark your images or text in different forms like changing fonts, colors, alignment or using tiled styled watermark. It also allows you to check out the preview before downloading the image. You can upload 40 images at a time with size max of 10mb each.


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All these online watermarking tools are easy and quick to use and you can select any one of them according to your requirements. If you are aware of any useful online watermarking tool then do share with us.

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  1. A useful post I must say, you are right sometimes our own created images are used by other bloggers and these are useful apps to convert your image for you exclusively.

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