5 Free Android Apps to Increase Your Productivity

Technology is for making you productive and thus we have already shared few apps to increase your productivity on Mac, iPad, BlackBerry and here comes few useful applications for Android which will save your time and make you productive. All these apps are free to use and worth downloading.

Goals to-do:

To- do list is best way to use your time effectively. Goals to-do is an app which offers a perfect to-do list. It also helps you to remember projects, project categories, an inbox, integrate with Google Calendar, Google Maps, contacts and much more.

Goal to-do

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Evernote is unrivaled when it comes to take notes, upload files, snapshots or audio files. Evernote is one of the must have app if you want to take notes, text your ideas anywhere with your Android mobile phone. After creating notes you can easily search them on Evernote without any clutter.


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Time Tracking

If you have a problem of managing time then TimeClock will help you to track your time as you are working and send you the data into a spreadsheet to create your invoices. Each time record stores client, notes and a secondary data field that defaults to “Location”, but you can change it according to your requirements.


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DropBox app for Android gives you all the useful features helpful to upload, sync, view and share your content in your Dropbox. You can easily upload photos from your phone and share it with your friends quickly and easily.


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GDocs is available in multiple languages and you can use it as a notepad to create, edit, view, sync documents from your Google Docs account. Google docs is already providing lots of new feature and this app comes handy when you need to sync documents.


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If you are using any free app to increase your productivity for Android smartphones then do share with us.

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  1. I’d be installing the GDocs and Dropbox on my android as they seem to be useful for my work.

    Thanks Ruchi 🙂

  2. I am the developer of NewsSpeak which is a free app that reads out news to you. You can listen and catch up on news while multitasking. It also has a quick view feature which can show you only the text of a news article so you don’t waste time waiting for a page to load on the phone and occupy valuable space on the screen.

    You can see and install the app here :

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