5 Excellent Softwares to Take Screenshots in Windows

Taking screenshots in Microsoft Windows has traditionally been done by hitting the Print Screen key present on the keyboard and then pasting the screenshot in any picture editor (usually Microsoft Paint) from the clipboard. This simple way of taking features lacks the functionality and the details often required by screenshots e.g. when it is needed to capture a specific part of the screen area in the screenshot or show a particular dialog box etc. Fortunately softwares now exist which provide advanced features for taking and managing screenshots. Today we’ll be listing five great free softwares which you can use to take and manage screenshots easily.

1. Snagit

Probably the best screenshot taking and management software since it combines a fully featured photo editor along with its screen capture tool. Snagit captures parts of screens, dialog boxes, zooms in to different areas of the screen and automatically saves the screenshots captured. Its picture editor can be used to modify and enhance any type of screenshot easily.


2. Screen Capture

Another great yet simple to use screen capture tool, Screen Capture has a simple User Interface (UI) which can be used to take, manage and save screenshots of all sorts using just a single window app. It also has some advanced features such as selecting custom area of the screen for capturing and some great screenshot editing options as well.


3. Screen hunter

One of the simplest software to use to take scree captures. Screen captures can be done by simply pressing F6 key and several advanced options such as making the mouse pointer disappear from the screenshot, specific area of screen capture etc. can be setup.


4. MW Snap

Another great screen capture tool which has the option to zoom in certain part of the screen and then take a screenshot.


5. Gadwin

Very similar in User Interface (UI) to Microsoft Office products, Gadwin can be easily used by anyone to take and manage screenshots easily. It also supports adding comment boxes to captured screens and add arrows etc. as well.


Do let us know if you know more free or paid softwares to take screenshot.

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  1. FastStone Image Viewer has a capture function that works great, besides being a wonderful image catalog and basic image editor. And it’s feee!

    FastStone.org also has a dedicated, featurerich capture tool.

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