5 Best Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

In today’s world, computer has been indispensable to accomplish any type of job or duty. It is very much essential to keep your computer in healthy condition. Or else, whatever the configuration of your computer may be, if it is not maintained properly, then its performance will be affected for sure. Following are some of the major steps you should follow to speed up your computer.

 speed up your computer
speed up your computer


To make the processing of your computer easier, undergo defragmentation, while retrieving and making changes to a file. This process will keep all the fragments of a changed file together and in line so that the pressure on the processor will be less.

This tool can  prove to be pretty helpful in defragmenting your hard drive :

Smart Defrag


Do not let your computer to be a pray before viruses. They will use the power of processor to strengthen themselves and eat up the memory too.

If they will not be checked at right point of time, these viruses will start infecting all the other files on your PC and leave it almost useless. So always keep your PC protected from viruses by installing a powerful anti-virus program.

If you can’t afford a paid version then here you can download the best free antivirus for your protection :


Boot up optimization

This can be done pretty easily, what you need to do is edit the stuff that starts up when your pc boots.

Go to run and type msconfig and hit enter. Now select the startup tab and choose only the needed applications to boot at the start up. Un-select all other application those are not essential to boot up.

This action will minimize the pressure on the processor at the start up.

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Memory management

Memory being is the most important portion of the computer it needs to be managed with proper care.

  • Delete all the unimportant and duplicate files and programs stored in the memory.
  • Go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall all unnecessary programs.

Disk/Drive Scans

After being used for some time, the disks in your PC develop bad sectors. When the processor passes through these bad sectors, then the PC gets crashed. So check your disk regularly.

For this I would like to recommend a paid application suite called Uniblue Power Suite. It’s worth the cost!

But if you know any free tool which can prove to be pretty efficient in speeding up your computer then do share it with us, your fellow geeks.

5 Best ways to speed up your computer

5 thoughts on “5 Best Ways to Speed Up Your Computer”

  1. Thanks for the tips. BTW CCleaner is the best free app available for all these tasks except AntiVirus – I personally recommend Avira Antivirus!

  2. I will recommend ccleaner too for simplifying optimization.
    Moreover, With Ah avira I would recommend to use comodo firewall for super security.

  3. Although I’m glad that you mentioned deleting useless programs that mess up with the RAM, it would have been great if you talked about overclocking. Even though it’s a bit risky, it’s a great way of improving the speed of a computer. Still, there are a lot of programs out there that can help with registy clean-ups, disk defragmentation and so on. Read more about speeding up computers at http://www.speedmycomputer.net/

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