5 Best RSS Feed Reader Apps for iPhone

RSS feeds are best way to keep track of things and updates about your favorite blog and topics. You can easily select which feeds you want to subscribe for and this way you will only get the updates about the topics which interest you. And if you have iPhone then you can easily check these RSS feeds from anywhere easily.


Here are 5 Best RSS feed readers for iPhone:

RSS Reader

This is a simple RSS reader which helps you to add feeds and manage them so that you can read them easily. You also cache the feeds to read RSS offline also. It supports multi-language like Danish, Deutsh, Dutch, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian etc. It is free of cost.

RSS Feed

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NetNewsWire is a free app for iPhone to read RSS feeds. You can sync it with Google Reader, easy to switch from one feed to another just by tap and you can also read RSS offline. The only thing you might not like is Ads if you donโ€™t like Ads then you can switch to premium version of App which costs $4.99.


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To use this RSS feed app you need to pay $2.99. The features includes easy syncing with Google Reader, you can browse and manage feeds and folders, facility to read RSS offline. The app is having good interface to make reading easy.


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Feeds allows you to sync in two ways with Google Reader. You can mark start to feeds and share the feed with your friends. It is very easy to manage, categorize and tag the feeds and save them for offline read. You can grab this app in $3.99.


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The way you use Doppler for Mac you can use it for iPhone also. It is easy to sync with Google Reader and have good layout and navigation to read the feeds easily. You can download the application in $0.99.


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This are few of the best RSS feed apps for iPhone and also compatible with iPad.

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15 thoughts on “5 Best RSS Feed Reader Apps for iPhone”

  1. Which feed reader has comment posting options ? I have checked many feed reader but none of it have this option ๐Ÿ™

  2. Better than a feed reader is diffbot.com/mobile, which generates RSS feeds for sites that don’t have them. I follow all kinds of things – local news, etsy postings, events pages.

  3. I haven’t been using Feeds very long, but the problem I’ve found is that it doesn’t show just Unread items. You have to view the list of all items, with the unread items included, which I’ve found to be annoying. I like to skip some articles and then come back to them later, so it’s not well organized when you come back to read older ones. I hope that makes sense – haha.

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