5 Best RSS Feed Reader Applications for Android

Few days back we shared with you about RSS reader apps for iPhone. Now here are few best RSS reader apps for Android. There are so many Android Smartphones available on which you can download these RSS feed reader applications and keep yourself updated anywhere.

Here is the list of 5 best RSS feed reader applications for Android:


NewsRob is a popular RSS/Atom reader. The best part of Newsrob is that it allows you two way sync with Google Reader. It has capacity to sync around 1000 recent articles and also read them offline. The layout of NewsRob is very good and easy to navigate.



GReader keep on providing you notification about unread feeds at specified interval while synching with Google reader. It is a good RSS feed application for Android users who prefer to read less feeds because organizing large feeds in folder is not that user-friendly. You can easily share RSS feed with your friends on email, Facebook, Twitter Etc.



Like other RSS app, FeedR also sync with Google Reader and you can read the feeds by categories. But many of you might not like the navigation part from one feed to another. You can create a shortcut to FeedR on your homescreen to get fast access to feeds or set the app on homescreen as a widget.


Fast Reader

The good part about Fast Reader is that it allows you to view all the feed at once which is not possible with Greader or FeedR. It allows you to Zoom IN and Zoom OUT easily and you can easily navigate to another article. You can share your feeds on Social Networking websites or email.


Pulse News Reader

Pulse News Reader is suitable for the readers who like visual presentation. It displays all the items in Thumbnails which you may find attractive. You can check out only 20 feeds at a time. It also allows you to open links in the browser and the navigation is good.


Check out few more interesting Android applications.

You can get all these applications in Android market and if you are aware of more Android app useful for RSS feed do share with us. Meanwhile don’t forget to subscribe to CallingAllGeeks RSS feed to get updates about more useful Android apps.

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  1. To be honest my favourite feed reader is google reader itself, the mobile edition is just brilliant and simple and quick

  2. @ Robert, @Pete Agree with you Google Reader is a user-friendly RSS app. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

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