5 Best iPhone Apps for Bloggers

Apple iPhone ApplicationApple iPhone is probably, one of the most used Smart Phone on the Planet. The iPhone is considered as the revolutionary Mobile that created great hype to Smartphone Industry, to be clear fact that, today the existence of Smartphone was made possible by iPhone. Till 2006-07 its the Nokia and Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones ruling the Industry and there was no other Mobile Company is the race excluding the Motorola Mobiles with few good pieces here and there. But, after that on Jan 7th 2007 the sales of Nokia and Sony Ericsson’s sales were down suddenly over 200% because of mighty crazy jaw dropping record breaking sales from iPhone.

Slowly as time passes, Symbian OS lost its prominence and its was MAC and Andriod OS currently ruling the Industry. Ofcouse the Blackberry OS with over 21% of Market share too one of the most preferred OS. But accepting the fact that iPhone is such a crazy device that most of the people can’t take  their hand of it, which made it such a popular device in the history of Mobile Phones. Currently Apple MAC OS Powered iPhones and Android OS Powered SmartPhone were feeling the heat because mutual steps taking by each other. Android OS is currently leading the Industry with Millions of Applications, but Apple is still having the strong Fan base.

In contrast, Blogging is yet another field which is such an addictive field that once you catch the soul of it, you are gone. Nobody can help you to get out from blogging.

So, How will it be if we integrate the properties of 2 mighty powers in the world one which doesn’t let you to take you fingers off it and other don’t let you to get away from it. Pretty interesting isn’t it? Yea I’m talking about the iPhone Applications for Bloggers. Every Blogger must consider few aspects in blogging like SEO, Social Networking, Marketing techniques seriously for best results.

So, Here are the 5 Best blogging apps for iPhone

#1. WordPress for iOS

  1. WordPress the Powerful Blogging Platform is integrated to iOS and now compatible within Apple iPhone  with which you can moderate comments, create or edit posts and pages and images or videos comfortably.
  2. Its a free application and download The WordPress application for iPhone

Wordpress iPhone application

#2. Byline iPhone Application

  1. The Byline works like RSS. Its allows us to read the latest news from our Favorite websites/blog. It synchronizes with the Google reader and allows us the offline browsing.
  2. You can buy it for 4.99$ else you can download Byline iPhone Application with Fusion Ads

Byline App for iPhone

#3. ShoZu iPhone Application

  1. ShoZu is one of the dream iPhone application that every Blogger with Apple iPhone would love to have. It enables us to use multiple social networking sites to promote our blogs. It supports over 50+ Social Networking site like Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, Photobucket, Myspace, Picasa and many more.
  2. You can buy this for just £2.99 from iStore.

ShoZu iPhone Application

#4. Adobe Photoshop Express Application

  1. World’s Most used Image Editing, Manging, Organizing and best Image Orientation Software, The mighty Adobe Photoshopis available for free iPhone and iPad.
  2. Adobe Photoshop Express software helps us to use Photoshop as our online photo sharing, editing, cropping, rotating, etc and lets us to enjoy photo and video library right in our hands. Its enables us to upload and store 2GB of photos and videos online.
  3. Download Adobe Photoshop Application for your iPhone.

photoshop app for iphone

#5. Idea Organizer for iPhone

  1. No more losing of your thoughts because you are not having a pen or paper.
  2. Every time you get an idea, you can quickly switch to iPhone Idea Organizer that lets you to record your thoughts in the form of voice or text entires which makes our organization very simple.
  3. You can buy it for just $1.99 and download Idea Organizer for iPhone.
Idea Organizer iPhone
Idea Organizer iPhone

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