5 Best Free iPhone Apps for Music Lovers

Best part about the iPhone experience is that there are tons of free as well as paid applications available for you just a click away. You don’t have to make do with just stock applications. Here’s a list of five must have free music application for iPhone users.

We are only discussing free apps in this post. These apps range from free streaming Radio on your iPhone to music identification applications. Also, featured is a lovely lyrics application which very nicely integrated over your iPod.


Let’s take a look at today’s apps.

AOL Radio


Powered by CBS Radio this App features over 200 stations. This used to be our favorite app for free music streaming. Includes a lot of free music stations and some popular terrestrial news channels too.

However, since February 2010, AOL Radio stopped streaming for users outside US. So, no cookie for international users here.

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Last.fm iPhone application lets you browse and listen to stations based on artists or genre. Over 5 million tracks available for free listening.

The app has evolved a lot and is catching up with the likes of Pandora and AOL Radio. You can save tracks for later lookup and also browse artist bios and concert info. Best part of this applications is that it works outside of the US. So, Indian listeners are good to go.

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Tunewiki – Lyrics + Radio


Tunewiki – Lyrics + Radio will display lyrics for the currently playing track in iPod. The lyrics are timed so you don’t have to manually scroll through it. You can also browse through popular music and YouTube videos.

Sharing your Favorite music to Facebook and Twitter is just a click away.

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Shazam for iPhone lets you point your iPhone or iPod’s microphone to any music source and identify the song and artist.

If you are a new Shazam user you’ll be limited to 5 Tags a month.  If you’ve been using Shazam on your current iPhone/iPod touch since before 9th November 2009, you still receive unlimited tagging.

Shazam uses your music sample to compare it to their online database and identify it. Check out our full review of Shazam.

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Consider this twice as good as Shazam. This app gives you super music identification abilities. Here’s how. It not only recognizes music but also tunes sung or hummed by you.

I tried humming tunes to it and was totally thrilled by its instant matches. Also available for the iPad this app allows you to share music over email, Facebook, Twitter and SMS too.

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