5 Best Free Classic Games for iPad

We all play lots of games on personal computer and laptops, and there are few classic games which we always enjoyed and loved to play at any point of time. Since the technology is changed and there are thousands of games available online but then also we always love some of the great classic games. I explored few classic games for iPad and thought of sharing it with you.

Tic Tac Toe:

We all played Tic Toe in our childhood, why not for iPad? Tic Tac Toe for iPad has few good features like human vs human, human vs iPhone. I like bright backgrounds of the game.


Rush Hour :

This is total fun game with sliding block traffic jam puzzle, it is having challenges for beginners as well as expert. So, if you never played rush hour give it a try on your iPad. A classic game packed with lots of new features.

Rush Hour

Spider Solitaire :

Spider solitaire is the best card game for time pass. If you are not good in playing game, iPad version of Spider Solitaire gives you option to do unlimited “undo”. If you don’t like the green color of game then you can change the background and cards color.


10 Pin Shuffle:

Like bowling then you will love to play blowing game with 3d effects in iPad. You can play with computer or just go for practice game. The best part is its realistic sound effects which capture every nudge, bump, and collision on the table.


Pac Man:

If you like to share your scores online, then this is perfect game. You can play classic Pac Man and share your score online. There are 15 different levels to have a perfect fun on your iPad.

Pac man

These all games are free , so download and start having fun. Do share Which classic game you would love to play on iPad?