5 Applications Enhancing Blackberry Privacy

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I think privacy is a potential need for every person and if we talk about mobile phone it worth more. There may be some content in your phone you want to hide from others like if you want your photos or videos not available for others or want your messages and contacts hidden from others.

Suppose someone is disturbing your privacy by making spam calls or sending you spam messages, you will definitely want to get rid off. If you are using blackberry mobile then following applications will be very helpful in maintaining your phone privacy.

iLock – Password App Photo Folder

blackberry privacy applications

This is a free and powerful software to guard your blackberry phone content. You can lock any application with this software. You can set a password which protect all your phone content from strangers. You can lock single folder or even a single application with this protector. It can also hide your messages and contacts too. Get this Software for free. Hurry because in future it may be paid.

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Privacy Manager

blackberry privacy applications

It is a powerful call filter software. With this software you can block unwanted calls and can maintain your privacy. You can also block spam emails with this software. This application set several actions for blocked calls such as number Busy, signal failed, voice mail, call divert etc.

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blackberry privacy applications

This BlackBerry application is for hiding contacts and hiding caller ids. This software can also block specific call, messages and emails. This software can increase the length of sms messages upto 1400 characters. It can creates pseudo caller ids if you want to keep caller private. Besides you can send attachments with emails.

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blackberry privacy applications

It is a free BlackBerry application. This is a spam blocker application. This application has its own online database of spam callers and it automatically blocks spam callers and also blocks spam messages. This software detects spam number from your phones and alerts you. Its database has more than 50000 spammers so this may be a very good spam blocker for your BB mobile Phone.

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App Lock

This is another device locker application for BB. It is cheap and good working application. With this app you can lock any folder or application with password and you do not need to lock entire phone.

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Few more useful BlackBerry Apps:

Do share, Which application you are using to secure your BlackBerry?

2 thoughts on “5 Applications Enhancing Blackberry Privacy”

  1. please guys we need an app to lock at least 3 apps , we can’t buy your apps
    please creat lock application as a Lite version , we really love your products , but we can’t buy them , appworld dozen’t support our countries

  2. Gr8 article.. One more app can be added to your list i.e. “Secure My Apps”
    Now you can share your device without having to worry about someone viewing your apps or accessing your personal photos, apps , text and e-mail. Plus, it protects your data from accidental deletion. Additionally, you can setup unique profiles and have them automatically start at a preset time. So you can keep your work and your personal life separate. Plus, you can lock both native Blackberry apps along with third party apps from the BlackBerry App World. Secure My Apps is now available in BlackBerry App World for $2.99

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