4 New iPhone Camera Features in iOS 5

We all know that iPhone camera is the most used Smartphone camera in the world and couple of days back iOS 5 is announced and we have already shared iOS5 download link. More over we shared what’s new in iOS5. We just installed iOS5 developer account on iPhone 4 and we are checking out all new features in new iOS 5. It’s a developer version so all features are not activated but here I’m sharing how iOS5 new features will enhance your camera.

New features in iOS camera:

In this video we talked about many new iPhone camera features like quick gallery access, volume button click, zoom in zoom out, Exposure lock. We didn’t covered photo editing feature for now, but we will be adding another video for that too soon.


For me, I liked the new Zoom in and Zoom out and quick volume click feature. This will make my work easier while using iPhone camera.

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Do let us know which iOS5 Camera feature you liked the most?