4 Fantastic Free iPad Games You Should Definitely Try

Apple App store is packed with some really exciting games for your iPad, but the problem is that majority of these games are paid. So if you are in a mood to sit back and play some really cool games on your iPad without spending a dime then you should definitely read this post because we have shortlisted five amazing Free iPad games that are worth trying.

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The games in the list below have cool sound effects and awesome graphics that will keep you engrossed in these games for long hours. Although some of these games are ad supported and some require iOS up-gradation but all of these games are worth downloading. So here is a brief run down of these free games for your iPad:

Free iPad games for entertainment

Spades HD for iPad

Spades HD is an ideal four player card game that involves strategy and fun. The game takes full advantage of iPad’s big screen and showcases amazing graphics. The developers have also incorporated detail How To Play instructions in the game for the players that are not familiar with the game rules.


You can adjust the settings like Maximum Total score, difficulty and toggling ON/OFF the nil bids.

Air Hockey Gold Edition


Air Hockey was amongst the popular genre of games when Apple launched iTunes App store. Although this game is available for iPhone and iPod Touch as well but the iPad’s version is almost hundred times better. The Gold edition of Air Hockey is surprisingly free and it is the best version available on App store.

Cliffed: Norms World XL


It is an addictive and a very fast moving game that is very much popular among the iPad gamers. Although the free version of Cliffed: Norms World XL is limited having only one character and one speed. The aim of Cliffed: Norms World XL is to keep the main character Norm racing down cliffs while avoiding obstacles. To keep Norm moving along the cliffs, players have to use two large arrows that are displayed on the either side of the screen within the game interface.

NinJump HD


The moment I started playing this game I felt myself addictive to it because in this game you will find yourself constantly striving to achieve a better score. The game is equipped with cool sound effects and some impressive graphics. The aim of this game is pretty simple, you have to jump on a building by tapping the screen and also have to avoid obstacles. You can also eliminate obstacles by slashing them with your sword. You can download NinJump HD from Apple App store for free.

Do let me know if you know of other interesting free games for the new iPad?