4 Free and Useful iPad Applications

iPad is getting mixed reaction from around the web. Few people are loving iPad and few people are kind of ok with what iPad is delivering. I will be waiting for the next update from iPad when we will see some of the useful features, which are missing in iPad. But before that who already purchased iPad, here is collection of 4 useful iPad application which you can try :



I’m a big fan of Twitter and Tweetdeck is first application which I will be installing in my iPad. The tweetdeck iPad application supports almost all the features which native desktop tweetdeck application have. Must have for twitter love with an iPad. <link>

iPad Dictionary Application


Dictionary is one of the application which I Install on my desktop, iPhone and now iPad. With this application you can look out synonyms,antonyms and meaning of 1,000,000 words from Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com. <Link>

Stumble Upon for iPad


If you are regular internet Surfer, you must be a fond of Stumble Upon. If you don’t know Stumble upon, it’s a useful site which let you discover lots of interesting content. This application is optimized for iPad and you will love to use it on your latest gadgets, to find interesting sites. <link>

iPad Kindle application


Kindle application for iPad is from Amazon.com and it also works with iPhone.  Using this application You can discover and read over 450,000 books in the Kindle Store, including the latest best sellers and new releases. <Link>

We will keep coming with more iPad news and iPad applications for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Email updates and also let us know which is your favorite iPad application?