4 Cool Google Voice for iPhone Apps

Apple pleased millions of Google fans when it approved Google Voice for use on its iOS platforms. Users with iPhones, Apple iPads, and iPod Touchdevices can now communicate over the 3G data network or WiFi to save voice minutes and to attach a phone number to their device. This is particularly attractive for iPad and iPod Touch users whose devices really aren’t phones to begin with. The power of Google Voice is well known: beyond the extra phone number, the system offers robust call management features and a highly customizable voice mail service.

Google Voice for iPhone
Google Voice iPhone Applications

Listed here are 4 cool Google Voice for iPhone apps that you can start using today to make your life easier and more productive. Remember: an active Google Voice account is required in order to use these applications. If you don’t have one, you can add one to your Google account for free.

Useful Google voice iPhone apps:

GV Connect [$2.99) –


A behind the scenes manager for handling Google connectivity on iOS. GV Connect works behind the scenes to connect to Google services faster than you can on the Web interface alone. With this app installed you can make phone calls from your Google Voice number, sent text messages through your Google Voice account and access your mobile device’s phonebook and contact list. With GV Connect you can also define custom voice mail messages for each of your contacts or contact groups. You can also use Google Voice to route calls from your Google voice number to one of several phone numbers normally associated with you. This allows you to keep your personal numbers private while eliminating the confusion caused when your friends, family, and coworkers have multiple numbers to juggle while trying to contact you.

Google Voice [Free]

Google Voice

Where once Google seemed banished forever, you can now enjoy voice based searches, find maps, and “just talk.” This is one Google add on that you won’t want to miss, featuring multiple languages, and location based services.

GV Mobile+ [$2.99]

Provides essential Google Voice services to Apple mobile platforms. This is an updated version of the GV Mobile client that was banned from the iPhone earlier. This app features a powerful keyboard for messaging and an easy to use interface that connects you with Google Voice voicemail, call screening, call recording, and other important features. This is the flagship interface for Google Voice on iOS, so try it today.

Google Voice Web App [Free]

An official Google App designed for iPhone users to connect with Google Voice. When you browse to the installation site, you will receive instructions based on the mobile platform you are using. Now you can make cheap international calls, make calls from within Gmail, and do other cool things via your Google Voice account.

Google Voice is an innovative service that offers powerful calling features that formerly were available only to the most expensive commercial phone systems. Now, call screening, call recording, and text messaging can all be done through one interface on your Apple iPhone.

Although the selection of Google Voice iPhone apps right now, be sure to check back frequently with the iTunes App Store so you don’t miss out when new applications are released. The Google Voice API has a lot of potential for enhancing apps on the iPhone, so new apps are not far away. Meanwhile, try these 4 cool Google Voice for iPhone Apps and harness the power of Google to make your life better.

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