4 Best Graphics Cards For Extreme Gaming on PC

If you are a hardcore gamer then I am sure you won’t like any interruptions while playing an advanced PC game. Now most of PC games run only with the support of graphics card due to their fine graphics i.e. extreme gaming requires graphics card mandatorily.If we talk about GTA 4, Farcry ,Crysis types of games then we can’t imagine to play these games without a graphics card. So to enjoy these games perfectly you must have a good graphics card installed in your PC motherboard. While buying a graphics card, you must purchase a good quality graphics card so that you don’t have to repent or rethink afterwards.

Below are the 4 best graphics cards for extreme gaming on PC:


ATI Radeon HD5970

It is an expensive but powerful graphics card having a (graphics processor unit) GPU 725 MHz with 5Gb DDR5 memory. It can be used to play games on 30 inch monitor. Actually it is a graphics card for almost endless gaming and if you can spent a lot of money on gaming then you should buy it because this an expensive graphics card and will not let your money go waste. It is the most powerful graphics card supports DirectX 11.

Amazon Price: $794.91 Buy Now


ASUS GeForce GTX 470

It is an economical graphics card with high performance. It has 607 MHz GPU with 1.28 GB memory. If your pocket does not allow you to pay much money for buying a costly graphics card then you can easily satisfy yourself with this inexpensive and great working graphics card. Its performance is equal to Radeon HD 5870 but at comparatively low price. It supports DirectX 11.

Amazon Price: $298.47 Buy Now


ASUS GeForce GTS 450

It is more economical graphics card having NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 GF106 processor. Its GPU is 783 MHz with 1GB graphic memory and supports DirectX11. It has a special processor cooling system ( DirectCU ) to reduce heat with the help of pipes.

Amazon Price: $137 Buy Now


XFX ATI Radeon HD 5770

It is another inexpensive and great working graphics card with an average price of $150. It has 750MHz core clock processor and 1GB memory. This graphics card is fully compatible with DirectX11. It gives a complete gaming satisfaction at an affordable price.

Amazon Price: $154.23 Buy Now


These 4 graphics cards are useful for every type of gaming requirements. ATI Radeon HD5970 is capable to run every game at maximum detail but it is costly. Asus GTS450 is cheapest but it can run most of PC games on full graphics detail. Undoubtedly you can buy any of these cards  according to your budget.