4 Apps To Increase Android Performance

Anroid is one of the most popular mobile and tablet OS. Though, those who have been using Android for long, they are aware of performance issues. Here I’m going to share some useful apps which will help you to Increase android performance on your phone or tablet.

Recently we trained you on how to root android phones using simple applications that you can download for free. Rooting gives your android phone a complete new agenda and a whole lot of customization. It also makes you want more from your android phone, thus indirectly causing the battery backup, CPU usage and the overall performance of the phone to decrease.

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At times like this, you can use some applications and tricks to boost up your CPU’s performance and also save some battery life for those emergency calls. Here are a few apps that will help you increase performance of Android phones, manage space, specify RAM usage, Overclock CPU etc.

Increase Android Performance : Useful Apps

Advanced Task Killer

Advanced Task Killer

Use Advanced Task Killer to manage what apps are running in the background and kill them. Android system usually has about 5-6 minimum apps that run in the background like all the time. A normal user won’t know about this and hence the programs running in the background will slow down the android phone and cause sluggishness in some apps and games. Using Advanced Task Killer gives you the advantage to select and kill those apps. It’s available in a Free and paid version, the difference being ads in the free version.

You can download it from the Android Market.

SetCPU for Root Users

SetCPU for Root Users

This is an application specially designed for rooted android phones. As the name suggests, SetCPU is only for root users who want to play around with advanced features like CPU overclocking, GPU overclocking and create custom CPU profiles that automatically increase or decrease your CPU performance depending on the load. This is a very useful and helpful app that performs many tasks while providing easy functionality. But, remember, do not try to overclock your CPU to extraordinary speeds as might end up with a bricked android phone.

You can download SetCPU for Root users from the Android Market.

Super User


Superuser is an Android app that does the job of giving you Super User rights to your phone. It means that you can control your phone rather than your phone/carrier/company control you with limitations and stuff.  This app provides you complete access to the root of your phone wherein you can manage things like User permissions and much more about which you can read here.

You can download Superuser from the Android Market.

Memory Booster

Memory Booster

The name itself explains what it will do to your Android phone! Yes, it will boost the memory and RAM of your Android phone so as to make it perform better and save more battery when its not in use. Memory Booster manages the memory and RAM available on an Android phone by defragmenting and finding lost memory. Some applications use up a lot of memory and then it gets dumped, and this is where Memory Booster comes in and helps save the day. The application has many tricks up it’s sleeve that will help you optimize your Android phones available memory/RAM and make the whole system faster.

You can download Memory Booster from the Android Market.

Once again, all of these applications are free and don’t require any registration or whatsoever. Try these apps and you’ll be get more from your Android phone, also learn how to root your Android phone as these apps require a rooted device.

Do let us know of any other such performance boosting apps like CPU booster or any other that helps you to Increase Android Performance.

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  1. I am currently using the Advanced Task Killer… I like it so far and I will try the memory booster… I could use more battery life. As far as the other 2… I am not that far advanced in understanding my Droid to mess around with the rooted functions of it.

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