3 Web Sources For Downloading HD Wallpapers for Android

You can find tons of goodies on the web these days for your smartphones, may it be an iPhone or Windows Phone 7 or Android powered phone. In this post I will be telling you about 3 Top quality sources from where you can download High-def wallpapers for your Android powered smartphone homescreen. But firstly it is important that we figure out what screen resolution wallpaper should be optimum for our Android phone.

The most obvious trick is that you search for wallpapers having a double width in terms of screen resolution. This is because the wallpaper we set on Android’s homescreen spans across 2-3 Homepages, so the required image should be twice in width but same in height. Well now coming over to the web sources, here is a brief review of some of them:



First up is CellMind.com, this particular website offers tons of wallpapers, ringtones and themes for multitude of phones. Wallpapers can be sorted out as per the phone model or category. It doesn’t have HTC included in the Make drop-down menu meaning that this website offers nothing to HTC users. It has a good archive of images and users can download some real quality stuff from CellMind.

Digital Blasphemy

Digital Blasphemy

Digital Blasphemy is an ideal source if you are looking set 3D wallpapers as Homescreen of your Android powered smartphone. You will have to subscribe to get these images but the website also offers free images of resolution 320×480 for download.


mobile 9

This particular website offers loads of wallpapers for downloading, apart from wallpapers Mobile9 also offers users to download ringtones for tablet and smartphones. You can either create your personalized account or search for stuff directly by punching in your mobile model number. Mobile9 has a neat UI and it also offers a hefty archive of wallpapers which you can set as Homescreen for Android.


Though all of the websites that I have mentioned offer only static Android wallpapers but if you are interested in moving wallpapers then you can also find them on websites like livewallpapers.org.