3 Ways to Capture Scrolling WebPages and PC Window

We can take a screen capture by windows default Print-screen button and many other softwares available to capture the visible computer screen or web-page but if we want to capture full webpage then what should we do. Sometime we need to save entire page as image but we are unable to do this with most of screen capture softwares.

Here is an easy solution to capture webpage screenshots. This article has been written after taking a comprehensive test over desktop and webpage screen capture tools.


Fireshot is a lovely add-on for Firefox and it works fantastic to take screenshot of visible page area or entire page. Just get this add-on and activate it. After restarting Firefox you can capture any webpage by making right mouse click > Fireshot > entire Web page > save. With Fireshot we can also create image tutorials with its image editor. We can edit a saved webpage capture and can save it to different image formats. We can also compress generated jpg image.

fireshot-webpage-captureDownload page


It is another webpage to image converter Firefox add-on. It also works nice but we cannot edit image with screengrab add-on. With this we can only capture a webpage as image and can save it as png or jpg image.

screengrab Download page

DuckLink Screen Capture

DuckLink screen capture is a free and fantastic tool for windows. It can capture any window even scrolling windows too. There are many other tools having option to capture scrolling windows such as webpages and computer scrolling windows but these do not work well. DuckLink can pass this test and capture a scrolling window including webpages without any error.

Download Page

These three tools are free and can solve all problems regarding full web page capture or capturing a scrolling window either webpage window or any computer application window.

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  1. Though Snagit is paid app it makes easy to take screenshots of scrolling pages and opened windows.

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