3 Quality Wallpaper Changing Apps for Your Android Phone

Wallpapers always add a certain amount of personalization to a mobile device that a lot of other people are also using. With the increase in mobile devices under-the-hood hardware and large screen sizes, various Wallpaper techniques have emerged. So today I am rounding up 3 top notch wallpaper changing apps that you must have on your Android phone:

Wallpaper Switch

Wallpaper switch

This app simply picks the wallpapers from Goodfon.com and rotates them automatically on the Homescreen of your Android phone. This means that you can have an ample of variety on your Android phone as far as the wallpapers are considered.

Wallpaper App do give users controls like how frequently you want to change the displayed wallpaper and what categories you want to be displayed. You can download Wallpaper Switch from Android marketplace.

Wallpaper Changer

Wallpaper Changer

Though the idea of switching between wallpapers is based on the core idea that you can pull wallpapers from a folder filled with varying images. This switching of wallpapers don’t allow users the requisite control, Wallpaper Changer app provide users a new scheme.

Wallpapers are by default added to smartphones changer rotation and you can also add them in a list. Switchover frequency can be changed as per your desire. Wallpaper Changer works well with Android 2.1 and all the above versions.

Wallpaper Change At

Wallpaper Change At

Personally I like this wallpaper changing app, mainly because of the fact that it is an event-based wallpaper switching thing. Picture this, think that you have set a reminder about your friends birthday but the moment that reminder pops-up you discard it. So a better way is that you should use the app Wallpaper Change At because it will automatically change the wallpaper on your Android phone in consonance with the event on your reminder or calendar. Wallpaper Change At requires Android 1.5 or any up version of it.

Got an Android phone? If yes, then do check these apps out.

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  1. Thanks for this post Naufal. I really love the Wallpaper Switch app. I am using this app on my phone.

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