3 Useful & Stylish Note Taking Apps for Google Chrome

Note taking tools and apps has increasingly become a category that a lot of internet users take interest in. If you happen to be fond of scribbling or taking notes in any scenario then you will be very delightful to know that there are scores of apps and browser available on the internet that can turn out to be useful note takers.

For browsers, you wont find Note taking apps as a built-in feature except for Opera browser. Neither Google Chrome nor Firefox has a integrated note taking package, meaning you have to download the packages for these browsers. So today I will be highlighting some really appreciable and useful note taking apps for Google Chrome worthy of downloading and using:


Chrome Pad App

Chromepad is not accessible with a right-click, rather you can access it by clicking on the little icon besides address bar that pops-up a little word like interface on which you can type-in your notes. All the notes are stored locally, not on the web and you can use the normal keyboard shortcuts for copying and paste functionalities. Chromepad is not that stylish but it is quite easy to use.


Note.It Android App

This particular Google Chrome Note taking app uses HTML5 capabilities and in turn give users a very slick note taking interface. Moreover, the app also has some potential in it because of some basic formatting tools present within the main interface. Options like ordered and unordered listing, italics, strikeouts and picture insertion give note taking with Note.It a definite edge.



By far this is the most stylish and coolest of all the Note taking apps available on Chrome web store. Just click on the ‘+’ sign and start-off with the note taking, users have the power to change the color of notes or arrange notes as per their liking.


Notes is present as a free download on Chrome App store.

Try them and let me know that whether these apps have been worth trying out or not.