3 Websites to Find Free & Download Mac Software

Today we are showcasing three websites which will help you find free and useful applications for Mac OS X. There are a lot of amazing applications made for the Mac but not everyone is aware of places where they can find them. This guide will help you with just that.

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There are tons of developers who make free yet useful apps for us. The sites featured here list free apps exclusively. No mix of free and paid apps. Let’s check them out.

Websites to download Free Mac Apps


The site very neatly lists the apps on the homepage. They are divided into several categories depending upon their functionality. Each app is represented by an icon, clicking on which will lead you to the developer’s website. The downside of the design is that you don’t get to read any app description or see any screenshots beforehand. However, we still like their collection and you should pay them a visit.

App Donkey

Don’t judge this site by the first impression. There may be a lot of ads but so is true when it comes to the applications. The apps are listed in grid form on the homepage and categories lie in the left column.

The difference from the previous website lies in the fact that this time the icon are accompanied by a line or two about what the app does. Clicking on the app will show you app description, screenshots, file size as well as the link to developer’s website. This is a welcome change. Another great feature I liked about this site is that you can queue your apps and download them all at once when you are done browsing.


Again not the best homepage design but useful still. They feature one or more free apps for the Mac everyday. Each app’s icon is accompanied by a small app description but no screenshots or file info.

So go ahead Mac users, get some amazing free apps for your computer. Do let us know which ones you like and also the ones you hate. The community always benefits from shared experiences. Until then ciao.