3 Online Libraries to Explore from your Internet Browser

eBook readers have stormed the consumer electronics market in the recent times, people now prefer maintaining their libraries on gadgets like Apple’s iPad or Amazon’s kindle. But those who don’t own these fascinating eBook readers need not to worry because I will be telling you some amazing online places spots from where you can read scores of novels by just using your Internet browser. So for reading nerds, check out these online places to read bunch of interesting novels:



Booksie is an online community for publishers and writers where they can publish their writings and work either chapter wise or part wise. It’s a very user friendly site and it offers loads of stuff like free online books, audiobooks and PDFs.

The main reason for the writer’s to use Booksie is that allows enables them to out-reach the global reading audience. The site mainly focuses on chapter-by-chapter release so don’t expect to find entire novels on it.

Online Novels

Online Novels

Well this website doesn’t have a tricked-out rich graphical interface but all the novels you will find on it are accompanied with detail description. The site offers some real quality stuff for you to read, a lot of authors have also loaded their own pages having their written materials on it. You can read the books using your internet browser and most of these books are for free. There are some short stories and poems as well on Online Novels that you can read.



Frankly speaking, this website is the online fighting arena for online literature. Authors submit their work and let users read it, once that writing piece gets popular by readers vote it automatically reaches an agent who can publish it anytime. WeBook site was initially designed for authors who want to go big, but apart from this it also offers free contents for readers who want to sit back have a cup of coffee and read interesting stuff.

Though these online reading portals won’t make you a hipster but they do provide us with some fresh contents to read. If you happen to have come across some nice online reading spots then do share with us.

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