3 Innovative Google Chrome Dictionary Extensions

Chrome Dictionary ExtensionPlaying with words is by far the favorite hobby of bloggers and writers, if you happen to be a writer or blogger of any form then manipulation and playing with words is a must-to-have trait. Because of an increased ratio of internet usage, we are bombarded with loads of information and sometimes we need to lookup for the meaning and definitions of these words. Though there are plenty of online dictionary apps available on the internet but they have their separate interface and you have to switch between them and your internet browser if you want to look up for meanings.

I usually used to use Google.com for finding dictionary meaning but later on when I started using Chrome, I found many useful chrome dictionary extension, which made my work easier to find meaning of the dictionary words.

So if you are using Google’s Chrome browser as your primary internet domain then you are lucky because Chrome has its own arsenal of extensions that makes looking up for words and their meaning an easy task. Here are some of the dictionaryextensions for Google Chrome that you will definitely appreciate:

My Favorite list of Chrome Dictionary Extension

I have updated this article to add one of the most popular dictionary extension for Chrome is added by Google. Google dictionary is an official dictionary addon created by Google and at the time of writing, this is one of the most downloaded chrome dictionary extension. It supports different language dictionaries like (English, Dutch, French, German, italian, korean and many more.). You can download it from official page here.

Dictionary Lookup

Dictionary Lookup

This particular Chrome extension directly sources words and their meanings from Wiktionary, but what’s more appealing is the extension’s Dictionary Lookup Options page that will tell you about the usefulness of this particular browser extension. You can streamline the information by just the click of your mouse. All the meanings are displayed in a minimal space and the interface of Dictionary Lookup for Chrome is also very clean.

Urban Dictionary Search Extension

Urban Dictionary


Wondering what might be the meaning of a particular slang or a colloquial word, Urban dictionary will let you do it. All you have to do is click on the extensions icon and enter your query, the moment you will press enter you will be directly taken to the page where meaning of that slang will be displayed. Urban Dictionary extension once installed will sit in your extension bar.

Quickrr Dictionary

Quickrr Dictionary

Using this extension you can search for the meaning of any word by just entering the word in the search field box. Quickrr by default is integrated with Google Image Search, Wikipedia and the Google dictionary. Although this extension lacks a bit from the graphics point of view but I guess it delivers what it claims to have. Quickrr Dictionary for Chrome can be downloaded for free from Chrome’s app store.

Hope that you will benefit from these Google Chrome extensions and they will help you in improving your vocabulary.

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