3 Free and Reliable Antivirus Apps for Android

Security is very important when it comes to technology, either or PC or mobile phones. For PC security there are many antivirus software available, if you are not aware of reliable antivirus software then check out following articles:

Just like PC, it is important that you select the antivirus software for your mobile too. Here are few good antivirus apps for your Android phone which will keep your data safe and you download all these apps for free.


Lookout Mobile Security is one of the most popular antivirus apps for Android. It removes all viruses, malware from your mobile phones. It keeps track of all software installed and easily scans them. It also provides “find my phone” feature which helps to search lost phone.


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Just like Lookout, SmrtGuard also provides the “Find My Phone” features apart from that it also provides Audio Ping, Call/Spam Blocker, SimCard Guardian. SmrtGuard also gives you option of push notification via Google Push service.


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AVG Antivirus:

Antivirus scans and removes all viruses and malware before downloading any app from store. It can also locate lost device via GPS. It has features like creating, displaying messages and manages applications remotely. It also provides protection from SMS spammers.

AVG antivirus

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Do you find antivirus application useful for your mobile phones? If yes then which one you prefer to use?

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  1. Awesome.. I din know IPhone and iPod touch(which I use) gets affected by Virus unless you download Bad App..

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