3 Feature-Rich Photo Gallery Apps for Your Android Device

Photo apps are an essential part of any smartphone Operating system, these apps range in multiple categories. Some are designed to take photos, some to edit them while some of the photo apps are designed specifically to change the way photos are displayed. The stock gallery app on Android lacks some vital features so that’s why users normally have to resort to third-party app. Android marketplace is full of these apps but I will highlighting three quality gallery apps for your Android phone that are worth downloading.

Fishbowl (Android 2.1+)

Fish bowl

Though a bit new on the Android marketplace, Fishbowl for Android takes a totally different approach and gives users a new way to interact with the photos. The app does not display the photos in a thumbnail view rather it crams the UI with as many photos as possible with varying thumbnail size. This particular way of displaying photos is called as Fishbowl View. Navigation is quite simple on this app, Swipe from center of photo to switch between images. Fishbowl app is available as a free download from Android marketplace and it is compatible with Honeycomb as well.

Gallery 3D (Android 2.2+)


If you love graphical rich apps with loads of features that Gallery 3D is the app you should definitely get hold of. The app has a 3D enhanced UI having some core 3D effects incorporated in it. Though the 3D visuals are not that heavy but they do uplift the overall visual looks of the app. same goes for the feature front, you will find loads of apps features like cropping, alternate album views and even some basic editing options. Gallery 3D is available as a free download and runs smoothly on Android 2.2+.

Photo Days (Android 2.1+)

photo days

This app is designed in such a way that it enables users to browse through their entire photo collection in a chronological manner. Though a bit limited as far as the features are considered Photo Days is a perfect app for those who want to view their photographs as per time periods.


Do try out these apps and give us your feedback that whether you liked them or not.