3 Feature Rich Mobile Video Players for Your iPhone

You might find loads of video players for your iDevice from the iTunes App store but most of them are either limited as regards to functionality or performance. The mobile players that I am highlighting today are best suited for iPhone because all of them have some unique features that will enhance the video playback functionality of your phone. Know more about these mobile players after a break!

Video Stream


This mobile video player has a special feature of streaming contents directly from your computer. The developers have packed some really powerful features and I think it’s a perfect package for playing videos on your iPhone.

Video Stream player streams videos to your iPhone via an installed server on the computer, but the real thing is that this player also convert the videos on your computer into an iPhone compatible format and push them directly for download on your app. It means that even if you have forgot to convert videos on your computer in a compatible format before uploading the player will do it automatically.

You can download the Video Stream App from iTunes app store for $2.88, plus its universal meaning you just have to buy it once and use it for both iPhone and iPad.

BUZZ Player

BUZZ Player

BUZZ Player is another feature heavy player that has pretty useful features in it, app is not universal and you have to buy its HD version for $3.8 if you want to use it on iPad. The app provides you feature like adding URLs for launching videos directly from a network. It supports multitude of video and audio formats including MKV, RealVideo, Musepack, AMR etc. You can buy BUZZ Player app from Apple App store for $1.90.

Video Safe

Video Safe

Another useful mobile video player developed by the same party who also developed Video Stream app. Its special features include secret videos and images and an interesting one with the name of Snoop Stopper.

If you want to pose yourself innocent when someone is going through the video on your iPhone then Snoop Stopper will ensure that you do come out to be clean!


Basically it’s a feature that load-up some fake videos along with some pictures, you can enter the Snoop mode by entering a wrong passcode and then add some home videos. Now when someone opens the app and enter an incorrect passcode they will automatically be directed to Snoop Mode. Video Safe app costs $3.8 and its not universal.