3 Cool & Exciting HTML5 Games for Your Internet Browser

HTML5 have really revamped the markup language as it use to be, with the addition of new tags and multimedia capabilities the web development have surely taken a big step forward with the aid of HTML5.

Users in the past have always relied on flash games for browser-based entertainment but with the inclusion of powerful HTML5 in the web domain, application and games on the web are now more exciting and useful.

I have compiled a list of three impressive HTML5 games that you can play on any internet browser having a built-in support for HTML5, these browsers are FireFox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9. So here is a brief review of these exciting and fun-filled HTML5 games:



This particular game transforms your entire browser window into a monochrome world with very smooth animations and responsive controls. Using keyboard and a mouse you have to navigate through a screen before proceeding to the next level. You have to navigate your character through mazes and puzzles experiencing all the HTML5 brilliance. VII is no doubt graphically pleasing and with a wisp of technical goodness and the best part is that you can download it for free.

Sand Trap

Sand Trap - Put It in the Pail

Although most of the browser games take advantage of various physics engines available for both Java and Flash, but Sand Trap employs its very own built-in HTML5-based module. Each level in the game contains a maze and all of them are filled with a little bit of sand. You have to rotate the maze so that you can syphon the sand into a container place underneath the maze.

It is a very addictive and in some instance a complex game, and I think this game is primarily for physics gaming lovers. Moreover, if you happen to own a tablet then this game would become more interesting with inclusion of touch interface.

Canvas Rider

Canvas Rider-main-interface

Based on the classic gaming title Line Rider, the game allow users to create custom tracks by using drawing tools and later on ride and share them. As a motorbike rider you have to reach the end of the level that is a pretty easy task. With a careful use of lean controls and throttle you can help the rider to maintain position on the bike through the entire level. Google Chrome users can install an extension in-order to access the Canvas Rider game instantly.