3 Best Password Managers for Ubuntu

Every one in this world would want to keep things secured. Securing and protecting files, documents, data, etc are becoming mandatory in day today’s life. Being genuine with anything related to machines or software’s would be keeping passwords secured. There are so many passwords which user puts into.

But alas, sometimes they don’t remember such of them because of alternatives and white spaces such being added or even managing the files, and those systems being connected to others being accessed. So there are many ways which can put password secure and are mentioned as follows:

1. Keepassx


This is a tool for handling passwords. Many a time people desire numerous passwords, but those aren’t easy to remember. So this software creates a database to handle all passwords and keep it secure even if the systems are connected to other servers. This can be installed by moving into plugins of ubuntu and make it install as we configurly do with other software installation. After installation run the program, create new entries within the required fields of username and password and make a database and secure passwords.

2. Lastpass


It is another tool formed base which can be run on any platforms like windows Linux an others. Even it arrives in mobile platform. For securing passwords it also recommended. When I was trying to install it on windows 7 platform, I found out that after installation it serves as an extension based. So we install it and then on clank at the extension, it makes us create new username and password and also encrypts us to secure password in a perfect format.icons are served to import for which passwords are to be kept secured.

3. Roboform


This client is a classic styled which can be used in any formats in any platform which can be windows or Linux. When I started using, I did the following factors which were first installing through Google browsers directories and then installing it. Then extension links were opened of it and username server and password are applied within it to start securing such passwords which can make user free and friendly.