3 Best How-To Video Channels on YouTube

Whenever you will enter a query for things like ‘How To’ in Google a large number of results pop-up showing numerous things. More specifically If you type in ‘How To’ in Google some results from YouTube will also be visible, showing online videos from that category. So if you happen to be looking for some ‘How To’ online videos then today’s post is a must read for you. I am highlighting 3 really useful YouTube video channels that houses some interesting collection of ‘How To’ videos.



Apparently it’s an educational video site with a bit of twist in it, its YouTube constituent has almost 2200 videos having almost 175 million views. You can find stuff like ‘How to Recognize Geeks’ on it, plus it also has some really cool videos ranging in categories like Technology & cars and Education & Outdoors. You can visit VideoJug’s YouTube channel and surf through some really interesting stuff.



Its an excellent source of some fun goers YouTube videos with an informative and a serious ‘How To’ angle tagged to them. Out of all the categories the gaming channel is having the highest number of subscribers. I personally liked the Tech & Gadget section of Howcast because it had a large number of video collections telling users How To use certain kind of gadgets. The Howcast YouTube channel has a total of 7700 videos divided in various categories.

Khan Academy


If you are looking for a study oriented ‘How To’ based YouTube channel then Khan Academy is definitely worth looking at. It’s even endorsed by Bill Gates as a perfect stop for learning all the basics of sciences and math. You can view Khan Academy YouTube channel by visiting their official website.

What other channels you think that might be there in this list of YouTube channels. Try these out and Let us know in comments that were these YouTube channels were useful or not.